Monday, February 18, 2008

Amazing Race Asia Season 2 - Last Episode

Congratulation to Collins & Adrian from Singapore!!!!

Collins and Adrian is the winner of The Amazing Race Asia Season 2 which is broadcasted by AXN. It’s amazing because beside a good team-working, skills, spirit and hard-working, a good team also needed to pass through Fast forward, Yield, Road Blocking, Intersection and De-Tour before they come to The Pit-Stop in every Race. Teams passed through 10 countries, 15 cities and 51.534 km to come to the final pit-stop.

This episode was beginning in Cape Town-South Africa and ending in Pai Huang Qiao (Rainbow Bridge), Jurong Park, Singapore.

Collins and Adrian are unique team because Adrian has speaking disability. They are Gym-Buddies. It makes them so special because they can beat others team with their uniqueness. Adrian has never dwelt on his disability.

The second team is The Malaysian Girls. They are Pamela Chong and Vanessa Chong. These sisters successfully beat superior team from Philippine. I am proud of them because they have shown their toughness during this game.

This is my Favorite Team…!

They are Mark and Rovilson. These two handsome guys are from Philippine. They have shown their good team-working and determination to always be number one. This team is a great time that has ever played in Amazing Race Asia. They always come first in every pit-stop. That’s why they are predicted as the winner of this season. But, unfortunately on the last Blocking, Rovilson was beaten by other two teams.

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